This Midea Air Conditioner -MSWO-12CR 12000BTU is a split unit air conditioner and it comes with built-in AVS protection. With the new and highly improved edge cutting technology, the air flow can be easily adjusted not to blow directly to the human body, which in turn provides healthier airflow and uniform cooling for your space. It also comes with a removable air filter which can be maintained by washing it periodically.

Midea’s normal voltage operation design is specifically designed for the Nigerian power situation. With its voltage, one can enjoy the superb cooling performance of this split unit even in poor power conditions. Another added advantage is that the Midea Air Conditioner -MSWO-12CR 12000BTU makes no noise at all (low noise function) that will cause any inconvenience to its user.

Additionally, its turbo plus cooling/heating power is designed such that within the first 60 mins of turning it on, cools/heats your room with 40% extra intensity ensuring you avoid a long wait for before it begins to function. Moreover, it can cover large space with 10-metre long airflow reach.

This air conditioner is eco-friendly and energy saving. Some other functions it possesses are auto restart, wireless remote control and quick cooling.


  • 1.5HP
  • No Installation Kit
  • Low Voltage Capabilities
  • Turbo Mode
  • Aluminium heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating
  • Stylish Design
  • 12000Btu cooling capacity (1.5hp)


Why Midea?

Midea products are tested and trusted.

With many years of experience, this brand has been committed to manufacturing highly efficient and long lasting products. The brand has also served Nigeria for several years and religious users of this brand can testify to the originality of this brand.

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  1. Rev. Olagunju, T. says:

    We have ordered 12 units of these units

    1. midea says:

      Ordered acknowledged. We will keep you posted on developments sir.

    2. SALES says:

      Great day sir, The Split units have also been delivered

      1. midea says:

        All, 13 units have been successfully installed in Odega Guest House and truncked sir!!!

    3. The installation of the splits is in progress

    4. SALES says:

      Purchase of Trunk is in progress to complete installation in Odega, Lighthouse etc

    5. SALES says:

      Trunk enroute Ajebo

    6. midea says:

      Trunk delivered to Ajebo, installation of the split units resumed.

  2. Committee Chairman says:

    Will the rain slow down the deliverables on this project?

    1. No, for now we are on schedule sir!

      1. midea says:

        All, 13 units have been successfully installed in Odega Guest House and truncked sir!!!

    2. Splits installation for Odega guest house is in progress.

    3. midea says:

      All, 13 units have been successfully installed in Odega Guest House and truncked sir!!!

    4. midea says:

      Appreciating you for giving us the opportunity to be of service!!
      For tomorrow?

    5. midea says:

      Trunking completed for Lighthouse and Conference centre!

    6. midea says:

      Service of the units Lighthouse commenced

    7. Lighthouse Air Conditioners serviced and in Good Working Condition Sir!!
      Outdoor units hanged and fully Trucked!!!

  3. Treasurer says:

    what quantity are been actually serviced in the Lighthouse?

    1. 12 units for the Lighthouse sir!!

  4. Olise Moses says:

    l have ordered 1HP &1.5HP.
    l will appreciate quick delivery on this particular order.

    1. Your order is being processed. installation should be complete in 48hrs.
      Payment confirmed.

      1. Truck at Car park C security post

    2. Your consignment is enrouteto to destination you requested sir.

    3. Order successfully delivered.

    4. installation is in progress.

    5. installation is in progress.
      God’s Grace

    6. installation of 2 units splits complete.

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